Letters from Officers

Darcy Lantz Buck President As the fifth generation of the Rifkin family, I take great pride in the quality of our products, the satisfaction of our customers, and the longevity of our employees. Our company has come a long way since my great, great grandfather Abraham began this company in 1892 selling dry goods and work clothing. From dry goods to bank bags to the contract sewing goods and security bags we offer today, I am eager to see what the future holds for our company!

Many of our products over the years have stemmed from the needs of our customers. We welcome you to reach out if you have a problem that needs solving or a specific bag style that you can’t find anywhere, and we will try to customize a solution just for you.

I welcome you to browse our newly redesigned website to view all of our custom options and see the quality and pride that the workers in our factory in Pennsylvania put into each and every product we make.

We’re continuously looking for ways to improve our service to you.

Best regards,

Darcy Lantz Buck

Paul D. Lantz Chief Operating OfficerDuring my 37 years with A. Rifkin Co., I have seen and been part of many changes. I began in the Finance Department under the leadership of my father-in-law, Arnold Rifkin. At that time, our customer records and orders were all done on paper, and none of our sales reps had cellular phones. As our company along with the rest of the world transitioned into the digital age, our business had to change along with it.

Our company has been able to keep our product offering current with innovations such as RF-Shielding Bags, Discreet Locking Bags, GPS Tracking Units, and Tamper-Evident Keyless Security™ Closure Systems.

For 126 years, we have been successful because we listened and fulfilled your needs in the best way we knew how. We will continue to let customer satisfaction guide us.

After leading the company for 22 years, it gives me great pleasure to pass the torch to my daughter, Darcy. I know the company and our customers are in great hands, and am excited to see what innovations are on the horizon for A. Rifkin Co. For my current role as COO, I am eager to spend more time in the manufacturing department to help guide us into the next generation of digital cutting, printing, and contract sewing.


Paul D. Lantz
Chief Operating Officer