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Luzerne County company adds masks, gowns to production line

A Hanover Twp. company known for producing security bags for banks, retail shops and election committees is adding face masks to its list during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Like the rest of the world, we don’t know when this is going to end,” said Darcy Buck, president of A. Rifkin Co. “Our plan is as long as they need them, we’re going to keep supporting them.”

The company, in addition to security bags for cash deposits and document handling, makes mattress covers for hospital and prison beds and sleepwear. After the shutdown of nonessential businesses, Buck said the company applied for a waiver to continue operations so it could produce masks and gowns that adhere closely to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Buck said the company reopened on March 23 and, after spending a couple of days researching the proper materials, understanding guidelines and conferring with local medical professionals about proper patterns, began producing face masks and gowns. Buck said the company will also produce scrub hats for those who need them.

The company is also making covers for the N95 masks to increase their longevity. Because of limited facility capacity, Buck said the company is only serving local medical places.

She said employees were given an opportunity to come back to work if they felt they could do so safely, and most did return to help. Those who stayed home, Buck said, were those who had to take care of their families, in the high-risk group, or had the sniffles.

She said at work, everyone is kept apart to maintain social distancing and the company has increased its cleaning measures.

“We did everything that we possibly can do to try to make sure everybody’s safe while they’re trying to do things to help other people,” Buck said

  • Stephanie Panny, The Times Tribune

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Newsweek Features Rifkin Security Bag

The April 26, 2004 issue of Newsweek featured a photo of Deputy Director of State Josh Bolten with a Rifkin TR120 document security bag. The photo was taken during an Iraq War briefing at the Pentagon’s Secure Video Teleconference Room on March 25, 2003.

Newsweek Features Rifkin Security Bag

A Closer Look at Keyless Security

Wilkes-Barre, PA—April 1, 2011–Since the introduction of Rifkin Keyless Security™ bags, thousands of financial, commercial and government agencies have successfully used the patented technology to protect sensitive and confidential documents from snoops and thieves. Common feedback from first time users includes, “I only wish we knew about Keyless Security™ sooner” and “I had no idea this type of product even existed”.

To help consumers better understand the features and benefits of Keyless Security bags, A. Rifkin Co. announces the introduction of an online product demonstration video. The 3-minute video shows how easy it is to secure sensitive and confidential material by inserting an individually numbered, one-time-use security seal into the bag’s built-in Keyless Security™ closure.

To browse our complete line of Keyless Security™ products or to watch the demonstration video, simply click here.

Prescription for Safety

WILKES-BARRE, PA JUNE 2013 For millions of individuals, daily medications are critical for maintaining proper health. For schools, camps, military bases, senior living facilities and businesses these same prescriptions can be a liability if they fall into the wrong hands.

The new Rifkin Locking Medication Bag offers organizations a cost-effective and highly secure way to protect stored prescriptions from unauthorized access. The reusable HIPAA compliant bag has a specialty LCX lock that opens with a key but does not require one to be secured. This allows users, such as parents, to quickly enclose medication and lock the bag without the hassle of needing a key. This feature makes transfers of medication between pharmacy, home and organization very efficient.

 Medication Bag
Medication Bag

The durable Rifkin security bag is available in several different colors and can be custom embroidered for at-a-glance identification by department, facility or individual.

See Details

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Without A Trace!

Wilkes-Barre, PA—May 28, 2010–Some of the most secure government and commercial facilities in the world depend on innovative measures such as Rifkin’s No-Residue Arco-ID™ Label to prevent and alert to breaches in security. From laptops and evidence drawers to access panels and windows the easy-to-use, peel-and-stick Arco-ID™ labels offer an economical and highly visible means to deter and quickly detect unauthorized access without leaving residue on the protected surface after removal.

Users simply stick the security label to any metal, glass or plastic surface. Once attached, the label cannot be removed or even partially lifted without displaying a hidden “Void/Open” alert message.

Rifkin’s Arco-ID™ Labels are also designed to resist attacks from chemical and solvent exposure as well as wide temperature variations. Furthermore, the seals are printed with a unique nine digit serial number and bar code for tracking within complex automated systems.

Arco ID™

A. Rifkin Co. Puts Solar Energy in the Bag

WILKES-BARRE, PA-MAY 18, 2011-The sun continues to shine on A. Rifkin Co., except now it is producing a measurable return on the company’s bottom line.

A. Rifkin Co., the leading manufacturer of reusable fabric security bags and specialty products headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, PA, recently installed 434 solar panels on the roof of their 68,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Keystone Energy Solar Services, Wyoming, installed the panels.

A. Rifkin Co. Puts Solar Energy in the Bag

The 230-watt REC Solar Panels harvest sunlight and transfer energy through one centralized inverter with a maximum efficiency of 98.3 percent. The system will produce roughly 117,000 kilowatt hours per year saving the company an estimated $16,000 in electricity.

Paul Lantz, President of A. Rifkin Co. said, “Solar energy will enable us to grow. The money saved and earned will help us reinvest in the foundation of our success: people and technology.”

The system is doing more than just saving the company money, it’s also earning money. A. Rifkin Co.’s inverters are plugged into UGI’s energy grid and can supply the system with electricity generated from the photovoltaic panels. The energy A. Rifkin Co. is unable to use is fed directly into UGI’s system. A. Rifkin Co. is then able to earn clean energy credits that pay cash for the production of solar energy. These credits, called Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), provide long-term value on a short-term solar investment.

Lantz said, “Solar energy presents a win-win situation for our company. The panels generate enough power to save the company money and further our commitment to sustainability, all the while reducing the amount of power required from utilities.”

Efficiency is key, according to AJ Bittner, President of Keystone Energy Solar Services. “We estimate the company’s investment will pay for itself in four to five years. The truth is, it’s already paying for itself. The clean install on the roof reduces the HVAC load by shading the roof and decreases the demand charges by producing sustainable energy during the most expensive and peak usage moments which occur during the day.”

Keystone Energy helped A. Rifkin Co., secure state grant funding and a federal tax credit to reduce the upfront investment on one of the area’s largest solar panel installations to date. Bittner explains, “As part of Keystone Energy’s mission to reduce the state’s carbon footprint we’re committed to helping our customers find ways to make a solar investment work within their budget. It is a pretty safe bet that electric rates will continue to soar, but the sun will never raise its price. A. Rifkin Co. now has a piece of the sun in every bag.”

Lantz added, “We’re pleased to expand our sustainability efforts to now producing re-useable bags with energy harvested from the sun.”

A. Rifkin Co. Puts Solar Energy in the Bag
Paul Lantz, President of A. Rifkin Co. on A. Rifkin Co. building roof

Rifkin White Paper–Military Grade Security

Published September 30, 2011–

A Long History of Manufacturing Excellence in the USA

From modest beginnings in 1892, A. Rifkin Co. now holds the distinction of being the world leader in the design, innovation and manufacturing of reusable fabric security bags. One of the company’s most well-known products is its patented locking night deposit bag. Since introducing the Safety Sac® to the banking community in the early 1930s, Rifkin has manufactured millions of security bags that are currently used by 30,000 government, financial and commercial businesses.

A key component to the company’s ongoing success is its focus on product development and customer needs. Federal mandates to protect classified, top-secret and sensitive information guides US Government and Military officials to work with Rifkin on creating durable, highly secure transport bags. While you will not read a published report on how Rifkin Security Bags are used by the government, all you need to do is watch CNN or browse the pages of Newsweek to see these bags in action. From classified situation reports and top secret documents to human resource files and laptop computers, Rifkin security bags can be found in virtually every branch of the United States Military and Federal government.

On Demand Innovation

As security needs evolve, so do the product offerings from Rifkin. The company’s Research & Development department pairs security specialists and craftsmen to create unique security solutions that satisfy demanding government protocols. Some of the most notable innovations include locking bag-in-bag transport cases, dual security rolling bags for shred & burn applications and even security bags that provide real-time GPS location and tracking information.

Beyond the high-profile products mentioned above, Rifkin offers an extensive assortment of government security bag styles to protect documents, laptops, data drives, valuables and currency. These include locking briefcases, locking executive attachés, fire-resistant courier bags and new tamper-evident Keyless Security™ bags.

Even more impressive than its diverse product line is the company’s list of patented security technologies. In satisfying customer demands, Rifkin has transformed the way the world thinks about protecting sensitive information. This is evident in its newest Keyless Security™ product line (Patents 7,988,209 and 6,533,335). Bags equipped with a built-in Keyless Security™ lock use individually numbered, one-time-use security seals to provide tamper evident protection of documents and sensitive information. When combined with an outer locking transport bag, users can be 100% certain that sensitive materials have not been compromised after being secured.

Customized Solutions

Since 96% of Rifkin bags are custom made for specialized applications, customers have significant flexibility in designing a product that satisfies their specific application. From bag size and material color to personalized imprinting and fire protection, all it takes is one phone call to a Rifkin security bag specialist to discover how easy it is to create a tailored solution. Many times, specialists can even recommend simple ways for customers to improve efficiency and security. These suggestions have ranged from color coding bags by department to creating padded inserts to protect sensitive electronics during transport.

Durability, Performance and Craftsmanship

Rifkin custom engineered and hand-made government security bags simply last longer, perform without fault, and protect your documents, valuables and electronics from both physical damage and undetected tampering better than any other competitive product.
Rifkin is a preferred supplier to the United States government because of its application specific bag designs, raw material selection and fine workmanship. Rifkin security bags are hand-made in Northeast Pennsylvania by experienced textile sewers. For 119 years, thousands of highly-skilled craftsmen have made lifetime careers with Rifkin. Generations have passed, but one thing remains constant…An untarnished reputation for a quality product that will work as promised and last longer than ever expected.

Commitment to the Environment

For seven decades Rifkin has been an advocate for environmental protection and sustainability. A major part of the Company’s success is due to the quality, durability and value that customers gain from continually reusing fabric security bags. A recent 8-year comparison study showed that one Rifkin security bag could replace 2,080 plastic or paper envelope alternatives. This could generate a cost savings of up to $500 per bag and untold benefit for the environment. In addition to the global impact benefits of specifying reusable security bags, you can feel confident knowing that the A. Rifkin Co. is at the forefront of the green manufacturing initiative. The Company recently installed 434 solar panels on the roof of its 69,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The 230-watt REC Solar Panels harvest sunlight and transfer energy through one centralized inverter with a maximum efficiency of 98.3%. The system now produces roughly 117,000 kilowatt hours of power and will measurably reduce annual emissions and dramatically change the company’s long-term carbon footprint.

Making it Easy to Do Business

Rifkin understands the unique needs of the Federal Government buyer. To help support growing customer demands, the company offers a dedicated customer service department that can answer security questions, make product suggestions and help develop a security bag solution to improve your operational efficiency. In addition, is a feature-rich website that allows you to place custom orders 24- hours a day making overseas requisitions even easier. Rifkin also offers special pricing on many of its security bags through GSA Contract #GS-14F-1219 and has recently applied for the Navy Seaport E contract.

Open Invitation to Visit

A. Rifkin Co. has an open door policy for all government agencies. The company invites you to visit their corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. While there you can meet the craftsmen that will manufacture your product to exacting specifications and witness a true commitment to environmental sustainability.

To learn more or set up a facility tour please contact our dedicated customer service team at: 800.458.7300.

Environmentally Friendly Mail Pouches

Wilkes-Barre, PA—June 1, 2011–As transportation and fuel expenses hit record highs, executives struggle to find innovative ways to increase efficiencies and lower costs. One often overlooked initiative that has delivered significant bottom line return is the consolidation of inter-office and inter-branch mail delivery.

On a daily basis, our nation’s largest commercial, industrial and government agencies generate, handle and transport millions of pieces of mail and internal correspondence. To help streamline the delivery and handling process, A. Rifkin Co. offers a full line of reusable Trans-Sac® mail pouches that are more economical and efficient when compared to standard inter-office paper envelopes.

Rifkin Trans-Sacs® are manufactured from lightweight, water resistant fabric that can withstand hundreds of round-trip mail deliveries. The bags are available in seven standard sizes, a wide range of colors and can be ordered with custom imprinting. By consolidating mail and using color-coded department or branch location bags, Trans-Sacs® allow companies to reduce postage expense as well as increase the sorting speed and delivery efficiency of inter-office and inter-department mail.

Rifkin’s reusable mail pouches are approved for either USPS or courier delivery service. A built-in framed window accommodates a reversible address tag for a fast return to your centralized mailroom.

Trans-Sac® Reusable Mailing Bags

Fits Like a Glove

Wilkes-Barre, PA–February 14, 2013–The average price of a notebook computer is nearly $700, and one of the easiest ways to protect that investment is with a protective laptop sleeve that costs less than $18.00. The durable Rifkin computer pouch is made from abrasion and moisture resistant Cordura Plus material and has a brush foam padded lining to protect your laptop from damage. All you need to do is slide your computer inside and zip the bag closed.

Rifkin’s laptop sleeves are available in multiple sizes to fit virtually any laptop or notebook computer on the market. Each bag also has a convenient framed window that allows you to insert a business card size identification tag. Ideal for both consumer and larger commercial applications this bag can potentially save your computer from hundreds of dollars in damage if dropped or exposed to moisture.

Laptop Sleeves

Wilkes-Barre, PA—August 29, 2011–Secur-A-File™ from the A. Rifkin Co. is the only product of its kind that protects printed documents from “wandering eyes” and also alerts you in the event of a security breach. The Secur-A-File™ is designed to be used where documents are most vulnerable- inside unlocked desks and filing cabinets.

This low-cost and easy-to-use security bag is a major advancement in preventing information leaks that occur when an original document is simply photocopied and returned without ever leaving a trace of tampering.

To secure files, users simply insert an individually numbered, one-time-use security seal into the built-in Keyless Security™ closure. Any unauthorized access or tampering will quickly be noticed due to the lack of a security seal or the presence of a differently numbered or broken seal.

Equipped with heavy-duty metal suspension rods, the legal-size Secur-A-File™ is strong enough to hold files that are up to 4” thick and weigh 12 lbs.

Digital Signage in the Financial Industry

October 2012–Banks, credit unions and financial institutions of all types are beginning to successfully implement digital signage in efforts to communicate more directly with their customers. For example, in ING Direct’s cafes, digital signage is used to not only entertain, but also engage potential customers who have stopped in for a drink and may not be aware that ING is a financial institution. Their signage content is designed to introduce ING as a company as well as inform their potential customers of the advantages their company offers.

Another example is Caja Mediterráneo in Spain, which uses digital signage networks to display brand information in eight different languages in attempts to promote to as many people as possible. It also displays community news, including home listings, help-wanted ads and more in an effort to relate more personally to their viewers. They then display weekly sales results for each branch to achieve more interest in their company.

CIMB, a Malaysian bank, has also recently implemented digital signage messaging solutions. To improve overall staff efficiency and move customers over to a more self-sufficient service option, a variety of digital signs have been installed into different branches, each with a specific purpose. One example of their signage uses is their “queuing tree.” This sign encourages customers to take a number as they enter the branch. The tree on the screen then fills with leaves, and as once the leaves turn red, the staff on hand are informed that the store is full and that they should both turn on more signs with information as well as place engaging with customers as the main priority.

It’s easy to see how digital signage can boost your sales. Sleek and efficient, these signs eliminate the cost for printed media, the time it takes to change out signs and distribute static materials and allows messages to be more specific and personalized. But there are also other influences on a customer’s decision, making it harder to pinpoint digital signage as the cause or the lone cause. For this reason, it is always ideal to implement digital signage as a part of a larger marketing campaign, one that potentially includes online ads, TV commercials, sample products and more. But unlike those other advertising mediums, digital signage allows messages to be completely customized to time of day, store demographics and provided customer information.

In a recent study done by NAFCU, many locations that implemented digital signage saw:
– 200% increases in awareness of bank offers
– 400% increase in recall or two or more messages
– 62% reduction of perceived wait time

Bag Solutions in a Hurry!

Wilkes-Barre, PA–January 29, 2014–There are three words that can make your day when you are in a crunch, “It’s in Stock”. That’s why Rifkin maintains a large inventory of our most popular security, transport and specialty bags.

Within three days of receiving your Stock Bag order, your shipment will be on the way. For emergency situations, Rifkin even has a Stock Express option that accommodates shipping within 24 hours of receiving your order. Best of all, minimum quantities are as low as one bag for many styles. The Rifkin Stock Bag program includes keyed locking bags, Keyless Security™ bags and zipper transport bags that are regularly used by the Federal Government, banks, retail stores and commercial businesses.

If you would like to view the photo, below

 Stock Bag Assortment.
Stock Bag Assortment

Sure Fire Protection

WILKES-BARRE, PA — May 23, 2014 — The last thing you want to hear after a devastating accident is that your most valuable possessions have been completely destroyed by fire. This costly misfortune happens to thousands of individuals after unexpected home, office, vehicle and aircraft fires.

To help protect against this type of loss, Rifkin recommends that you use one of the company’s Fire-Shield™ security bags. Each fire-resistant bag is designed to provide a vital layer of heat protection for burn-susceptible materials such as paper documents and currency. Corporations, banks and individuals around the world rely on Fire-Shield™ bags to safeguard their most valuable assets. Depending on your specific application, Rifkin offers multiple stock bag sizes and styles as well as unlimited custom manufactured solutions.
Rifkin fire-resistant bags also include a built-in high security lock to keep snoops and thieves from accessing your valuable and confidential possessions.

Fire Shield Safety Bags