Key Hole Signals for Safe Deposit Boxes

As low as : $10.78

Key Hole Signals for Safe Deposit Boxes

As low as : $10.78

Reusable, plastic keyhole signals designed to fit most safe deposit box locks.

Sold in resealable plastic bags.  25 of one color per bag.

Minimum 4 bags (100 keyhole signals)  Pricing shown is per pack of 25.

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Product Description

  • Easy to hold, easy to use (no broken fingernails).
  • Available in six standard colors to indicate status of safe deposit box:
    • RED – box has been officially sealed by a court order or bank order
    • BLUE – box rental fee is overdue
    • BLACK – box holder has died
    • WHITE – box is for rent
    • ORANGE – two or more people must be present whenever box is opened
    • GREEN – available for bank’s own special uses

Additional Information

Pack Size

25 of one color per bag

Shipping Weight 0.028 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 1.5 × .5 × .5 in

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