Keyless Security™ Pouch (Data Module Bag)

As low as : $17.34

Keyless Security™ Pouch (Data Module Bag)

As low as : $17.34

Provides tamper-evident protection for operating manuals, election data modules, memory sticks, or other small documents or electronic devices.

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Product Description

  • Keyless Security™ tamper-evident closure.
  • Close tolerance metal zipper.
  • Window will accommodate 3″ x 5″ card.
  • Clear and 1/2 Clear styles allow bag handlers to verify that module is enclosed, yet data is protected against tampering.
  • Seals sold separately.
  • This Pouch is also works well as a sealed inner bag to be enclosed in a lockable briefcase or courier bag when dual security is required.
  • 8.5″ x 11″ documents must be folded to insert in this bag. For letter size documents, we recommend our Interoffice Mail Pouch.

How it works:

  • Customer inserts materials into pouch.
  • Seal number is marked on card or tag. Card is inserted into window from inside bag (for paperwork security).
  • Zipper is pulled completely closed and chamber is closed.  A numbered seal is clicked into place.
  • Seal must then be broken in order to gain entry, so if seal is broken or a new numbered seal is present, you will know contents have been tampered with.

In a hurry?  We offer this bag from stock.  Ships in 3 days but cannot be customized, click this link to purchase:   Click Here for Stock Bag

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Manufactured bags ship 25-30 business days from receipt of order.  All bags (regardless of if it has personalization or not) are custom manufactured to order, unless specifically listed as stock (links for stock versions are in item description).

Need them quicker? We have a Quick Ship Policy and a Custom Express option which ship sooner depending on your needs.

Quick Ship Policy — Any plain, manufactured bag can ship in one week from receipt of order.  There will be a 10% upcharge for this service.  We consider a bag plain if it has no imprint or embroidery.  Bags with any of our standard windows qualify for this program, with the window costs added to the cost of the bag.  Quantity minimums still apply.  Some quantity restrictions may apply for this service.

Custom Express

  • Any embroidered bag can ship in one week from receipt of order.  There will be a 35% upcharge for this service.
  • Any imprinted or embroidered bag can ship within two weeks from receipt of order.  There will be a 20% upcharge for this service.

To place a Quick-Ship or Custom Express order, call our Customer Service team at 800-458-7300.

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