Keyless Security™ Document Pouch – Inter-Office Envelope (In-Stock)


Keyless Security™ Document Pouch – Inter-Office Envelope (In-Stock)


Designed to replace the familiar manila inter-office envelope.  Every Reusable Inter-Office Pouch replaces the equivalent of 100 paper envelopes.

Ideal for

  • Interoffice Mail
  • Provisional Ballots
  • Patient Records & X-Rays
  • Valuable Artwork
  • Student Transcripts
  • HIPAA Compliant Documents
  • And more…

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Product Description

  • Savings with Every Use
    • The useful life of a paper envelope is typically 3-4 weeks, so a 100 count box will last 7.7 years at most
    • The useful life of a Rifkin Mail Pouch is 8-10 years, with 365 days per year of use
  • Supplied with double-sided routing card. Routing cards are inserted from inside bag for added security.
  • Keyless Security™ provides an easy way to record chain of custody.
    • One time use, numbered seals lock zipper, and must be broken to gain access revealing immediate proof of tampering.
  • Seals sold separately.
  • Khaki version comes with the familiar routing grid printed on the bag for easy recognition.

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Looking to customize this bag?  Click the following link for our manufactured option where you can customize with personalization or colors:  Custom Bag

Additional Information

Security Type

Tamper-Evident / Keyless Security™

Shipping Weight 0.6 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 16 × 13 × 0.5 in

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