RF Shielding Bag with Keyless Security™

As low as : $120.82

RF Shielding Bag with Keyless Security™

As low as : $120.82

Protect mobile devices and electronic equipment against wiping and hacking.  Prevents unwanted RF signals from entering or escaping the pouch from signals with 75dB+ average shielding.  Equipped with our tamper-evident Keyless Security™ closure so that you know if someone opened the bag without your permission.

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Product Description

  • Keyless Security™ tamper-evident closure system
  • 10mm Brass zipper across top
  • Double lining of RF Shielding material
  • Outer layer of durable Arco 600™ water-resistant material
  • Double layer of hook and loop ensures tight RF seal
  • Compatible with Keyless Security™ seals (sold separately)

Approximate usable inner space for each size:

  • 6.5 x 11.5 bag:
    • Designed to hold smart phones no bigger than 6.25 x 3.25
    • Zipper opening of 8.5″ wide.
  • 11 x 15 bag:
    • Designed to hold most tablets and smart phone sizes
    • Usable inner space of 9.5 x 14
    • Zipper opening of 8.25″
  • 18 x 17 bag:
    • designed to hold most laptops with 15″ screens (measured on the diagonal)
    • Usable inner space of 16.5 x 16
    • 11″ zipper opening

Common usage:

  • Transporting and storing cell phones, laptops, and tablets in need of RF shielding, and other electronics that fall under the classified, confidential, SCI, and SAP Government regulations

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Manufactured bags ship 25-30 business days from receipt of order.  All bags (regardless of if it has personalization or not) are custom manufactured to order, unless specifically listed as stock (links for stock versions are in item description).

Need them quicker? We have a Quick Ship Policy and a Custom Express option which ship sooner depending on your needs.

Quick Ship Policy — Any plain, manufactured bag can ship in one week from receipt of order.  There will be a 10% upcharge for this service.  We consider a bag plain if it has no imprint or embroidery.  Bags with any of our standard windows qualify for this program, with the window costs added to the cost of the bag.  Quantity minimums still apply.  Some quantity restrictions may apply for this service.

Custom Express

  • Any embroidered bag can ship in one week from receipt of order.  There will be a 35% upcharge for this service.
  • Any imprinted or embroidered bag can ship within two weeks from receipt of order.  There will be a 20% upcharge for this service.

To place a Quick-Ship or Custom Express order, call our Customer Service team at 800-458-7300.

RF Shield Bag Demo from A. Rifkin Co. on Vimeo.

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